Indonesian media, creative, and technology company with focus on sports.


We connecting brands/organisations to their audience through sports.

Founded in 2015, Athletica is a Jakarta-based company born at the intersection of sport, creative, technology, and business.

Athletica has worked extensively with many Indonesian and global brands on projects encompassing everything from sports events, digital campaign, corporate wellness program, to media placement and coverage.

We believe in collaboration, we extend that to many aspects of our work: with consumers’, with brands, or the way we work internally. That belief drives us to create in original, relevant, and extraordinary ways, while fulfilling client expectations. We feel that the best way to make work that will resonate with is to develop an authentic voice and articulate it right.

Athletica in numbers



Multi companies local brands, Internasional brands, Sport event, NGOs


People reached*

Through all of our project *in 2022



Experience in sports and marketing industry


Unique audiences

Engaged through our campaign and published content


Creative content

Produced by our creative lab for various project

Athletica contributions to Sustainable Development Goals

Inspiring people to move and live a healthy live through sports-related contents and activities

Advancing the creative industry and continuing to innovate for economic development

We continue to try to spread environmental awareness throughout our projects, including developing new products for waste management with a focus on a sporting events.

Our clients

We’ve built long-lasting partnerships with the most progressive brands across the globe

Your partner for a multitude of sports marketing, creative and technology needs. We have been trusted to deliver messages from these clients to the audience.